"To be an artist is to believe in life.” Henry Moore


Our art and design curriculum is designed to ignite a passion for creative expression in our pupils, encouraging them to explore art as a reflection of the world and a medium for personal expression. We aim for every child to see limitless possibilities in their ambitions, whether they aspire to become illustrators, graphic designers, curators, or printmakers.

Embedded in our Core Values and stimulated by enquiry-based questions, our curriculum nurtures creativity, risk-taking, and critical reflection. Pupils gain both artistic skills and the ability to interpret diverse perspectives, enriching their own sense of identity and understanding of the world.

We are committed to ensuring our pupils not only excel in art and design but also wholeheartedly cherish these experiences, growing in confidence and embracing the wide array of creative opportunities offered at our school.

Mrs Stickney

Art Lead

Bude Primary Academy - Juniors
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