Curriculum Overview 2021/22

A passion for reading underpins our entire curriculum, inspiring and strengthening learning in every subject. We are scientists, musicians, artists, writers, historians and much more! We have a school library and make use of the Education Library Service to ensure we always have a broad range of interesting books.
We adopted Cornerstones Maestro in March 2020 to support our cross-curricular curriculum planning. In July 2021 together with all staff and pupils we reviewed the projects which had been taught since then. Using the National Curriculum as a starting point, together with our local context and needs of our pupils, we designed a new curriculum project offer always asking ourselves 'Why teach this?' and 'Why now?' We realised that some projects needed more time so they may last longer than half a term. We also incorporated our own Local Study and opportunities to learn about the human impact on our very beautiful local environment. We used both projects from Cornerstones Imaginative Learning Projects (IPLs) and the Knowledge Learning Projects (KLPs). This curriculum plan is in development and under periodic review.
There are subject leaders who ensure that teaching and learning in each area is sequenced and builds on prior learning. We plan to provide more opportunities for pupils and subject leaders to share work across the curriculum with the infants.
Pupils are taught the specific knowledge and skills needed to be a successful learner in each subject area. We are developing subject 'Keys' which help adults and children understand the most important aspects of learning for each subject. 
We follow the New Cornwall Agreed Syllabus for RE with additional 'faith' days to engage children in different ways in exploring their own and others' beliefs and opinions. As Islam is a new faith to us, teachers in their own learning and all classes will start with the basics to ensure that understanding is securely established. 
We use SCARF, an interactive PSHE programme to support children's personal, social, health and emotional development ensuring that we are compliant with the new regulations from September 2020.
In the Juniors our modern foreign language is Spanish. Todas aprendemos espanol! 
Our 'School Curriculum'  explains what we offer outside of the National Curriculum to ensure our pupils are confident independent learners and are well prepared for their next educational phase.
One element of our School Curriculum is an initiative called UP (unlocking potential) which ensures that every child has the opportunity to take part in something they love, to be a leader if they wish, to discover new talents and interests and have a voice in the development of learning in our school. UP takes the form of whole school, whole class or group projects depending on the needs and interests of the school and pupils each year.This year we have identified pupils who show a love of computing/coding by supporting them to access Cognition Learning after school sessions. We have also taken part in extra PE competitions for those who excel in this area linking with Budehaven Community School.
We also have the equality and diversity teamgoing greener team, well being team and the nurture team. These teams are made up of teachers and/or TAs who ensure there are opportunities within school for pupils personal development.

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