Mrs Askham

Maths Lead

'Arithmetic is being able to count up to twenty without taking off your shoes.'  Mickey Mouse
'Millions saw the apple fall, but Newton asked why.' – Bernard Baruch
'Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.' Dr. Seuss


Why teach maths?

At Bude Primary Academy Juniors, the teaching and learning of mathematics is a high priority as we recognise being numerate and having confidence with number is an essential skill for life. We aim to deliver a maths curriculum that is accessible to all and one that enables children to reach their full potential. We aim to provide all children with the knowledge and tools needed in order to progress through KS2 and to allow pupils to transition to secondary school as confident and well-rounded mathematicians. We hope that our children will enjoy maths through delivering lessons that are engaging and do not cap the learning of any child through use of self-differentiation; we do not anticipate the ability of our children through our expectations and therefore all children are on the same learning journey. In all lessons children should feel challenged by accessing multiple methods and activities in order to improve both fluency and conceptual understanding. We aim for all of our children to make sustained progress and succeed in spite of background or ability. We strive hard to make sure Maths is a well-loved subject and that all members of Bude Primary Academy Juniors speak highly of it.


How do we teach maths?

Our children are taught the three main areas of the National Curriculum: fluency, reasoning and problem solving, through a mastery curriculum.  In order to meet raised national expectations within the National Curriculum we ensure that all of our children develop a deep and sustainable understanding of mathematical concepts through a maths curriculum which promotes a rich understanding of mathematical concepts taught in small steps in a systematic way. Following the White Rose schemes of learning, we strive to offer a maths curriculum which is consistent, sustainable, challenging and progressive.

Every lesson includes mathematical fluency tasks and factual recall activities.  We use flashbacks to recall previous learning and take aways to review what we have learnt. Children are provided with learning which meets their current needs and which they can access independently.  This may be learning in line with their year group standard, with extra scaffolding if necessary, or learning tailored to meet their personalised mathematical targets. We have fortnightly lessons to test and teach arithmetic skills.


What difference does learning maths make?

Children will:

  • Have a fast and accurate recall of number facts and calculation methods
  • Be able to “have a go” at tackling maths challenges
  • Have a range of maths skills they can apply to solve problems
  • Be creative in their problem-solving approach
  • Be able give clear reasoning explanations of what they have done
  • Make links and develop their understanding of topics across the curriculum
Multiplication Tables Check (MTC) 
Do you have a child in year 4 at primary school? If so, your child will be participating in the multiplication tables check in June. The purpose of the check is to determine whether your child can fluently recall their times tables up to 12, which is essential for future success in mathematics. It will also help your child’s school to identify if your child may need additional support.
Click on the link to find out more information. 
Additional maths resources your child can access at home to support their maths learning journey:

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