Being a Learner

At Bude Primary Juniors, we are invested in developing the whole child, integrating and celebrating character education into our daily curriculum.

Each characteristic - Creativity, Curiosity, Resilience, Reflection, Empathy, And Independence – is actively embedded into our daily teaching and learning.

Our children’s self awareness of themselves as learners and what it means to be a learner is intentionally developed. These embedded traits go beyond the academic and underpin our future success. We create an environment where individual pupils are collectively recognised for this personal growth. 

Moreover, as each individual grows, we know that we all grow together and that our whole is truly greater then the sum of its parts. This is what it means to be a learner at Bude Primary Juniors – to be a shining star amongst a beautiful universe – to be Ready, Respectful, Safe – Together.

Bude Primary Academy - Juniors
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